Multi-Screen Browser

Multi Screen Web Browser is designed to allow the viewing of multiple web sitest simultaneously.

Why? It was designed to allow me to view multiple status/monitoring pages at the same time, providing an overview of a systems health. It could just as easily be used to watch multiple stocks or currencies.

What does it support? The browser support all common features and uses Gecko the same engine as Firefox 3.5 (not required). It supports HTTP, HTTPS, cookies, java, javascipt, password management and all other common functionality.


Fully configurable via the fiddler command line (type: “simulate help” in the command window for details) AND PROVIDES AN Integrated Menu.

  • Build lists of web pages you wish to load.
  • Save and Load Lists.
  • Configure the number of screens to display.
  • Screen Scroll – If more sites are in a list than screen available, screen scrolling can be enabled to rotate through all the sites.
  • 2 screen display modes – All Small screens or 1 large screen and remainder small.
  • Full screen mode (maximises the window and hides all tool bares and status bars
  • Refresh all or 1 site
  • Independent browser page with favourites feature (used to pre-login to secure sites before starting refresh).
  • Tabbed pages for individual page displays.
  • Snapshot Capture – Capture images of individual or all screens.
  • Pages auto-refresh every 5 minutes.


Requires .Net 3.5

Screen Shots