HTTP Archive Reader

HTTPA Archive Reader allows you to read files exported from Firefox’s Firebug Net Panel via the export add-on. I created this add-on because the only way to open the archives was via a website and although the core functionality is great the ability to do further analysis and extract data

Why? I like firebug and wanted a way to manipulate the exported data that it provides.


  • Supports multiple logs being opened at once.
  • Does not change or update the log file.
  • Reads and validates HTTP Archive format logs;
  • provides a list of log structure errors.
  • Generates a timeline for the captured data showing all types of transactions (wait, request, response, etc)
  • Clicking on a timeline item will allow you to view all the data collected by firebug Net (Timing, request, response, cache, etc);
  • Most lists have full copy to clipboard functionality, supporting plain test, html table, comma separated and tab separated formats.
  • Most list items can be double-clicked on to open a zoom-text feature.
  • Selected content items timeline is zoomed on screen;
  • The timeline display can be hidden/shown, allows optimal space for reviewing a content items characteristics.
  • Analysis of the net data, producing chats of:-
    • Data throughput over time (Send, Receive and Cache)
    • Size Chart (Largest 20 content items)
    • Response Breakdown – Longest (20 content items that took the longest to complete)
    • Response Breakdown – Slowest (20 content items with the lowest throughput)
  • Charts have Copy, Save as Image and zoom/pan capabilities.
  • Content analysis tools including:
    • W3C Standards Check
    • W3C Accessibility Check
    • Javascript Check
  • Content analysis allows results filtering, text-zoom including response source code view.
  • (New Summary pannel on main window showing a comparison of total time for all open archives (Double Click the bar to view the archive).




Thanks to ZedGraph for the charting component used in this product.
Thanks to Javascript Lint for the javascript validation routines used int he checker.
Thanks go to HTML Tidy for the W3C HTML validation routines.

Screen Shots

Main Window



Text Editor

Detailed Content Analysis

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