Fuzzy Logic Library for .NET

This .Net assembly provide a structured approach to impementing Fiuzzy Logic AI

What is Fuzzy Logic

It is assumed that the developer utilising this assembly will have a basic grounding in Fuzzy Logic theorem. For an introduction to Fuzzy Logic refer to the following links:-

Recommended books are:-

  1. AI Application Programming – 2nd Edition – M. Tim Jones
  2. AI for Game Developer – David M. Bourg & Glenn Seemann


  • Fully documented API.
  • Supports Garde, Reverse Grad, Trapezoid and triangle geometries.
  • Full support for operators (==, <, >, etc)
  • Full support for logic (and, or, probalistic and, etc)
  • Visualisation of logic.


DLL – Version
Doumentation – Version 0.1

Screen Shots

Object Model

Supported Geometries

Color Matching Example with Visualisation

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